Hi, I’m Ash and welcome to Laptop Benjamins.

I started Laptop Benjamins because I’ve been making money online for quite a few years now and I’ve seen (and tried) it all. OK, maybe not EVERYTHING, but a hell of a lot.

When I first started making money online, I was met with a lot of skepticism from family and friends. I guess most people had seen so many scams they started to become jaded about the whole “make money online” thing.

The truth is – I don’t blame them.

There are a TON of scams out there. But there are also REAL ways to make money online.

And those are the precise reasons I started Laptop Benjamins – to help you sort through the crap to find the treasure.

Unlike many sites, you won’t see me giving glowing recommendations about shitty products just to get an affiliate commission. 

In fact, you’ll see just the opposite on Laptop Benjamins – I’m not afraid to give my honest opinion on a product if it might help someone from losing their hard-earned cash.

I’m glad you found your way here!

~ Ash