Is Pomifera a Pyramid Scheme or Legit? [FULL Review]

Is Pomifera a pyramid scheme? If you’ve been approached by an over-enthusiastic Pomifera “brand partner” (usually holding a weird, green cauliflower-looking thing) who claims they have a “great opportunity” for you, then you might’ve been asking yourself that question.

Good job for being skeptical. We’ve all heard the expression, “when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” Does Pomifera fit in the “too good to be true” category, or is it a legitimate business opportunity?

In this Pomifera review, I’m going to take a deep dive into the Pomifera products and the Pomifera business opportunity and share my honest opinion on whether I think you should join or steer clear.

Pomifera Review Summary

Company Name: Pomifera

Product Type: Wellness Products

Founder: Todd Johnson & Lindsay Marie Colombe

Price: $99 joining fee with additional sales requirements

Best For: The Founders of Pomifera

Summary: Pomifera is a multi-level marketing company that sells hair, face, and body products that feature Pomifera oil as their main ingredient. The companies primary sales method is through the recruitment of “Brand Partners” who make a commission for the products they sell. In addition, Brand Partners make bonuses and commissions on the sales of the people that they recruit into Pomifera.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

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What is Pomifera?

Pomifera is a natural beauty company that is named after, and heavily focuses on, the main ingredient in their products – Pomifera Oil.

Pomifera states on their website that Pomifera Oil “has been shown to be effective in everything from anti-aging to cell regeneration and scar reduction.”

While it is possible to go directly to the Pomifera website to purchase products, the companies primary method of promotion (and the biggest driver of sales) is through its “Brand Partners.” These are essentially commission-only salespeople who have been recruited to promote Pomifera products.

What Does Pomifera Sell?

Pomifera sells a range of products for the face, hair, and body. This includes facial serums, cleansers, hair oils, and body lotions, all with the ingredient Pomifera oil.

According to Pomifera, their most popular product is the Pomifera Rose Anti-Aging Serum and Complete Moisturizer, which is currently priced at $47.

Pomifera vs Limelife – Are They Connected? What’s The Deal?

Pomifera and Limelife aren’t officially connected with one another – they’re not sister companies. However, you’d be forgiven if you thought they were.

Besides the fact that they both use Pomifera oil in their products, one of the co-founders, Lindsay Colombe, used to be a top-ranking Limelife beauty guide.

In addition, many of the top Limelife beauty guides jumped ship and joined Pomifera before the company officially launched (which is a great way to ensure they start at the top of the pyramid.)

Who is Lindsay Colombe?

Lindsay Marie Colombe is the co-founder of Pomifera and a former “beauty guide” with Limelife (formerly Limelight by Alcone.)

Colombe seems to have a history of reaching amongst the highest “ranks” of an MLM company and then leaving for a different company.

According to a YouTube video Lindsay herself posted, (which you can view here) she was previously a “Black Status” Younique presenter who left that company for Limelife. She then split from Limelife and started her own MLM company – Pomifera.

Pomifera Compensation Plan

If you’re thinking of joining Pomifera as a brand partner, then you’re probably interested in learning more about the Pomifera compensation plan.

Finding the Pomifera Compensation Plan on the Pomifera website is virtually impossible. Lucky for you, I’ve got my hands on a copy, which you can see in the image below.

pomifera compensation plan

Based on the Pomifera Compensation Plan chart, there appear to be 12 levels of brand partner.

Regardless of what level you are at, your personal commission (i.e. the commission you receive on products you personally sell) is 25%. You also earn a $100 bonus for each $1000 “Sales Block” i.e. for every $1000 of products you sell, you receive your 25% commission plus a bonus of $100.

As you progress further up the pyramid, you receive a percentage of the sales of your downline (and their downline.)

If this sounds confusing to you, that’s because it is. Confusing compensation plans seem to be a hallmark of most multi-level marketing companies.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Pomifera as a Brand Partner?

It currently costs $99 to join Pomifera as a brand partner.

In order to stay active as a Pomifera Brand Partner, you must personally sell a minimum of $600 worth of products per year.

Does it sound fair and reasonable that a company would charge you a fee to promote THEIR product? And then require you to sell $600 worth of product every year in order to continue promoting their product?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Is Pomifera a Pyramid Scheme?

Pomifera is a multi-level marketing company, and while it does have several characteristics similar to pyramid schemes, Pomifera is not a pyramid scheme.

According to Investopedia, multi-level marketing (the banner under which Pomifera falls) is a legal business practice as it involves the sale of tangible goods.

However, don’t confuse “not a pyramid scheme” with “profitable business opportunity.”

How Much Money Can You Make With Pomifera?

If you’re like the vast majority of people who join a multi-level marketing company, you will make zero dollars with Pomifera. In fact, there’s a 99% chance you will actually lose money.

The Federal Trade Commission published a study on MLM companies. Here are some direct quotes from the study:

“…MLM as a business model – with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers – is flawed, unfair, and deceptive.”

“…the vast majority of commissions paid by MLM companies go to a tiny percentage of TOPPs (top-of-the-pyramid promoters) at the expense of a revolving door of recruits, 99% of whom lose money.”

Doesn’t sound too promising, does it?

If you have a massive network or a huge social media following that loves buying beauty products, then there may be an opportunity for you to make money with Pomifera.

For the rest of us, the answer to “how much money can you make with Pomifera?” is, probably nothing.

What is the Green Fruit That Pomifera Market Partners Are Always Holding?

osage orange from the maclura pomifera tree

The green fruit that Pomifera market partners like to take selfies with is called an Osage Orange and is the fruit of the Maclura Pomifera tree.

It’s not poisonous but it tastes pretty bad (dry and bitter) so the most likely reason Pomifera market partners pose with an Osage Orange is not because they’re going to eat it. It’s to pique your curiosity, make you stop scrolling and hopefully comment asking “what’s that?” so they can “dm you with more info.”

Hopefully, I’ve saved you a Pomifera sales pitch.

Should You Join Pomifera?

It’s my opinion that no, you should not join Pomifera. Unless you want a 99% chance of losing money, which I think it’s safe to assume is not the case.

Final Thoughts

Pomifera is a relatively new multi-level marketing company that a number of high-level Limelife beauty guides jumped ship to join.

Like virtually all multi-level marketing companies, it’s almost impossible to make money with Pomifera, unless you’re fortunate enough to have gotten in before the company launched or manage to be in the elusive 1% of people who do make money from multi-level marketing.

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Is Pomifera a Pyramid Scheme - My Honest Opinion (It Will Probably Surprise You)